Terrorist attack unsettles pound.
فتح حساب تجريبي
التجارة في اسواق فوركس ننضمن مخاطر حقيقية و يمكن ان تؤدي الى فقدان جميع المبالغ المستثمرة

تحليلات الأسواق المالية والسلع

The British pound has pulled back in late European trading today after possible attack has left the country grappling with fear.

At 4.24pm (GMT) the British currency was trading at $1.2472 down from $1.2513 in yesterday’s trading.

In what has been described as a possible terror attack on the British parliament building,

A man ran down several pedestrians as he drove as he drove a car across Westminster Bridge before crashing it into the gates of the Westminster palace before jumping out and stabbing police officer.

Prime Minister Theresa May was in the palace at the time but was seen racing off in a silver Jaguar and later reports confirm she is safe.

Former Polish foreign minister Radosław Sikorski was travelling across Westminster Bridge when the incident unfolded before his eyes,

" I looked through the window of the taxi and I saw someone down, obviously in great distress," noted Mr Sikorski

 "And then I saw a second person down. I started filming, and then I saw three more people down, one of them bleeding profusely. What I saw was an incident involving at least five people seriously injured." He added.

The attack threatens to undermine the British economy for fear of more to come may be connected with the Prime Ministers decision to trigger article 50 next week, and start the process for the UK to leave the EU which has left a bitter taste in many people’s mouth

المواد المنشورة في في هذه الصفحة تم إنتاجها من قبل شركات فيبو جروب، ولا ينبغي اعتباره كتقديم المشورة في مجال الاستثمار بهدف التوجيه رقم 2004/39/EC. علاوة على ذلك لم يتم إعدادها وفقا للمتطلبات القانونية لهدف تعزيز استقلال أبحاث الاستثمار ولا يخضع إلى أي حظر على التعامل قبل نشر أبحاث الاستثمار.


عالم التداول ليس له اي حدود

هام: يرجى العلم بأن خدماتنا متاحة للعملاء المحترفين فقط. التجارة على CFD والتي هي صكوك صعبة, مرتبطة بمخاطر الفقدان السريع للأموال بسبب الرافعة المالية. عليك ان تأخذ بعين الأعتبار خطر امكانية فقدان جميع اموال الأستثمار في حال عدم دراسة كيفية التداول بالعقود على فرق الأسعار